Advantages of Modified Calcium Carbonate Powder

With the help of a direct blending method, calcium carbonate particles are often modified by using different coupling agents. The modified calcium carbonate particles have better dispersion than pristine particles. The coupling agents are adsorbed on the surface of the calcium carbonate particles, which can prevent aggregation. Compared with pristine calcium carbonate particles, the modified particles have more stable colloidal dispersion in ethyl acetate. By combining with silane or titanate coupling agents, the surface properties and dispersion of calcium carbonate particles can be enhanced in the organic media. The agents can form an organic coating layer around the calcium carbonate particles.

The prestine CaCO₃ particles have the following disadvantages:

  • hydrophilic character
  • poor dispersion
  • weak combination with polymer matrix

With the modified technique, the modified particles have the following advantages:

  • Reduced surface tension
  • Increased compatibility with polymer matrix
  • Better dirt, water and aging resistance
  • Better particles dispersion
  • Better thermal stability
  • Higher polymerization degree
  • Higher hydrophobic property

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