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Calcium Carbonate Powder as a Filler in Concrete and Cement.


Calcium Carbonate Powder as a Filler in Concrete and Cement.

Filler is often inert in the chemical property. But no disadvantages exist if the filler has some hydraulic properties or if they reacts with products of reaction detrimentally in the hydrated cement past.

Filler exists in two forms: one is occurring material, and the other one is processed inorganic mineral materials. When used in the concrete, water demand cannot be increased, unless used with a water-reducing admixture. must not lead to a long-term retrogression of strength of concrete, but such a problem has not been encountered.

Because the action of limestone fillers is physical, they have to be physically compatible with the cement in which they are included. For example, at high filler contents, the cement must have a much higher fineness than usual.


How could you get such a filler?

The limestone is always in the shape of big-size stone.

Please use limestone grinding mill, vertical mill, micro powder mill.

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