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Calcium Carbonate Powder in Polypropylene for Impact Resistance


     Calcium Carbonate Powder in Polypropylene for Impact Resistance

The calcite, limestone and marble all contain calcium carbonate mineral. Marble and calcite has high proportions of calcium carbonate, and then limestone and dolomite. These stones all have a Mohs hardness of less than 3. In the world, about 15,000,000.00-20,000,000.00 ton of various forms of calcium carbonate are produced annually, which usually in the shape of powder. The following countries occupies more than half of global calcium carbonate powder production, Italy, China, India, Spain and Portugal.
The calcium carbonate powder are often used as the aggregates and additives/fillers, such as ingredient of cement, additives in paper, pvc or paint, which can reduce the production cost and improve the end product performance. In the production, some technics are also needed for the whole mineral processing stage, and some tailor-made mineral solutions can also be provided.
Calcium carbonate is widely used in the polymer manufacturing industries. And the processing ways are also double checked by the producer and customer together to ensure the powder can be completely used in the related industries and maximize the effectiveness. By adding calcium carbonate into the polymer system, the mechanical performance can be improved a lot. The calcium carbonate particle size and shape can also influence the surface chemistry and performance.
The synthetic polymers have been the universal materials today, because of their versatility in the physical form and potential functionality, and the optimal mechanical performance. Calcium Carbonate is used in many rubber and plastic applications to decrease the production cost. Calcium Carbonate Powder with different mesh can bring different properties, such as thermal conductivity and dimensional stability.

calcium carbonate powder mill

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