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Micro Calcium Carbonate Powder Used in Rubber Products
Blog / 08/25/2017

Micro Calcium Carbonate Powder Used in Rubber Products Micro Calcium Carbonate Powder Used in Rubber Products Micro pulverized calcium carbonate powder is commonly used for organic filler, which has been widely adopted for industrial use, such as the manufacture of plastic, rubber, coating, and paper making. Because ultrafine ground calcium carbonate powder has a larger specific surface area and a higher specific surface energy, there is an existence of problem of particles aggregation, which prevents it from being directly used with effectiveness. Processing of the calcium carbonate powder surface before application is required to improve its dispersibility. This powder is usually made by micro powder mill During the recent years, the price of natural rubber has kept increasing, which in turn makes the price of rubber products higher. Because of its sufficient resource, cheap price and toxin-free nature, this kind of powder is often used as an organic filler. Thus it could reduce the cost of production, if the calcium carbonate as filler is put into the rubber products. The main issue is that the dispersal quality still cannot be applied completely in water. The qualitative characteristics of the dispersant can be absorbed on the surface of the ultra-fine ground…

Grinding Aid Application in Making Calcium Carbonate Micro Powder with Grinding Mill
Blog / 07/14/2017

Grinding Aid Application in Making Calcium Carbonate Micro Powder with Grinding Mill When the calcium carbonate powder becomes smaller and smaller, the particles will agglomerate in the ultrafine grinding mill, which will influence the production capacity, power consumption per ton and also the downstream industry processing and use. The grinding aid is widely used in Western Countries, especially in the vertical mill. There are few companies using this kind of grinding aid in China. Considering the calcium carbonate The grinding aid should have the following features:1)no side-effects on the downstream industry; 2) easy to use; 3) almost no influence on the whiteness of the calcium carbonate powder; 4) small quantity but strong grinding effect and dispersion forces; 5) slight influence on the grinding technique; 6) no corrosion to grinding mill. When being ground, the powder size becomes smaller and smaller; and the surface area also increases. The molecular force between powder gradually increases. When the molecular force grows to a certain extent, the powder agglomeration will take place. The smaller powder size, the more obvious agglomeration. When it reaches to a certain balance, the particle size will not change. The production capacity will not increase, with the powder staying in the…

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill for Micro Powder in Paper Industry
Blog / 07/07/2017

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill for Micro Powder in Paper Industry Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill for Micro Powder in Paper Industry In the last 20 years, the consumption of China paper and paper-type products has been grown fastly. This makes the non-metallic mineral processing industry develop dramatically. The non-metallic minerals used in paper industry include calcium carbonate, talc and kaolin. In order to use these minerals to make paper, professionals use micro powder pulverizing technique, chemical modification, Pigment composite technique, synthetic technique. Light Calcium Carbonate Micro Powder has been earlier used in paper-making industry than GCC. High quality GCC has been the most additive for paper-making, and will become the main development trend. But in recent years, PCC has come out, which has distinctive features: improve the paper quality and purify water. PCC loose particle structure and course surface make the PCC has higher Astigmatism coefficient,good paper bulk and optical performance.This kind of additive exist in powder form, which is processed by micro powder mill or vertical mill.

grinding and crushing machinery in China
Blog / 07/05/2017

Grinding and Crushing Machinery in China The grinding and crushing machinery includes: grinding mill and crusher Grinding mill has several kinds of mills whose difference is on the working principle and pulverized powder fineness; such as vertical mill(80-2500mesh, micro powder mill(400-2500mesh), pendulum roller mill (80-400mesh). For crushing machinery: jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, mobile crusher. Factually speaking, these two kinds of machinery was invented in European and USA. In the last 30-40 years, some joint-ventures and state-owned company are established in China to produce these kinds of grinding mill and crusher to make infrastructure in China. The products from these two kinds of companies are good-quality and widely used in China. But some private-operated companies are set up by some boss to earn money by selling crusher and grinding mill. Their priority is on money, not on quality and performance. They invest a lot of money to do advertising and recruit some salesperson to hand catalogue to some customers. But the quality is really not good. Before sales they use all kinds of evidence to prove their quality is good; but after installation, the machine always breaks down. What you lose is not only a machine, but also your…