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Limestone Grinding Mill in Thailand
未分类 / 07/14/2019

The limestone grinding mill from Henkry Powder Machinery Co., Ltd has many features which can enable your powder business improve a lot, for example: higher grinding efficiency, lower power consumption, longer working life, lower staff cost. A Thailand company had sourced several sets of limestone grinding mill from our company with reasonable price after serious consideration and detailed comparision.    The limestone grinding mill we provide has the following advantages: More stable grinding mill housing and base and reasonable structure design. Smooth operation: lower noise and lower vibration with the help of casted mill body. Higher output: bigger grinding mill roller and ring size to increase capacity by 40% and the power consumption can be lowered by 30% Convenient limestone grinding mill maintenance: all the parts are designed for easy maintenance without wasting much time. Higher automatic control system: one system to monitor all the working state of the whole grinding system. The Thailand limestone powder factory production: Quarrying from limestone mine: 0-1000mm Limestone Crushing System: 0-1000mm to 0-300mm to 0-30mm; Production capacity: 50T/H Powder size: 325 mesh; The whole limestone powder grinding mill system includes the following components: conveying system, grinding mill body, classifying system, collecting system, packing system, electric…

How to produce calcium carbonate powder with calcium carbonate grinding mill
未分类 / 05/23/2019

How to produce calcium carbonate powder with calcium carbonate grinding mill Calcium carbonate grinding mill can produce 80-3000 mesh powder with precise fineness and high quality powder shape; Generally speaking, there are two kinds of powder fineness range that we should consider. Because this two range can influence which kind of mill you should use. One is 80-400 mesh powder roller mill; the other is 400-3000 mesh powder mill including ultrafine powder mill and ultrafine vertical mill.     Generally speaking, these three kinds of calcium carbonate powder mills working principle are almost same. They all have crushing, feeding, grinding, classifying and blowing system that are used to grind the stone into powder.    The whole grinding process can be divided into the following steps: The calcium carbonate stone is crushed into small one with a size of 0-20mm, which can be conveyed into the calcium carbonate mill. The small calcium carbonate stone can be ground in the calcium carbonate mill (between ring and roller) into powder. The required powder goes into the collector through the classifier. The unqualified powder will fall down into the mill and be reground into required powder. The blowing system also helps to blow or suck…

Nano Calcium Carbonate Mill for Rubber and Paint Industry
未分类 / 09/05/2017

  Nano Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill Nano Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill Special Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill is used for making nano calcium carbonate powder, with stable performance, excellent particle shape and higher production capacity Coating Nano Calcium Carbonate with space steric effect, can make the higher density lithopone suspension during making coating, prevent settlement action. After finished coating, increase the whiteness and high gloss of paint film, and covering power is still excellent, this performance make it is widely applied in the coating industry. Nanometer calcium carbonate as filler, boosting the underlying paint film sedimentation and permeability enhancement. Use the existence of “blue shift” phenomenon, add it to the rubber latex, forming the shielding effect of coating, achieve the goal of ultraviolet aging and heat aging resistance, increase the insulating coating. Nanometer calcium carbonate as filler for used in chassis paint of the high-grade car, it can change the thixotropy of paint and improve the paint curing speed and flexibility, and the hardness on the surface and glossiness. More information, please contact:  

Clinker Grinding Mill in Australia Boral Cement Factory
未分类 / 07/30/2017

Clinker Grinding Mill in Australia Boral Cement Factory The Australia Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has allowed Boral Cement to run a cement grinding plant in Melbourne, Victoria with yearly capacity—1.3 million ton per year. The factory has covered belt conveyors to deliver the cement from the production site to ships. Boral has also planned to set up some new equipment, including a ball mill, silo, unloading and delivery infrastructure. And this factory is near the port, which makes the uploading of clinker efficient and easily; this site is far way from residential areas. As the industrial activities have the potential to impact the environment significantly, so the work approvals are required for these kind of industrial activities. After this company got the work approval, the clinker grinding mill construction works can start. At the same time, EPA has 4 months to check Boral’s application. More information, please contact:  

Vertical Mill in China and Western Countries
未分类 / 07/28/2017

Vertical Mill in China and Western Countries The vertical mill firstly came out in British. In 1925, German Loesche company developed the vertical mill, which was actually used in modern powder-making industry. In the early times, the vertical mill was used in the coal-powder-making industry. And in the 1970s, the hydraulic technology had become increasingly sophisticated, and the spring was replaced by the hydraulic system. And the vertical mill was gradually used in the cement, metallurgy, chemistry, ceramics etc. industry. In those years, the vertical mill has been used in the micro powder processing industry. The vertical mill in Western Countries: Germany: Loesche Company—-LM Vertical Mill Website: Germany: Gebr. Pfeiffer Company:—MPS Vertical Mill Website: Germany: Krupp Polysius Company—Polysius Vertical Mill Website: British: Lopulco Company—LM Vertical Mill USA: Foster Wheeler Company—MBF Vertical Mill Website: Denmark: F.L. Smith Company—OK Vertical Mill Website: Japan: UBE Company—UM Vertical Mill The Vertical Mill in China: State-owned company: Tianjin Cement Industry Design&Rearch Institute Co., Ltd. Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd. Private-owned company: Haijian Stock Company: Nantong Sunlike Building Materials Co., Ltd Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co.,Ltd…

Grinding Mill for Calcium Carbonate Micro Powder Modified by New-type Polymers Application and Usage
未分类 / 07/16/2017

Grinding Mill for Calcium Carbonate Micro Powder Modified by New-type Polymers Application and Usage Calcium carbonate powder pulverized by grinding mill is a very important inorganic chemical product, which is widely used in rubber, plastic, ink, paper, cable, painting, adhesive, daily chemical products etc. industry. This kind of powder is usually made by grinding mill, vertical mill or micro powder mill. And it also can increase the thermal stability, dimensional stability, rigidity and processibility, and also decrease the cost of production. In order to make full use of the calcium carbonate powder, sometimes it need to be modified for better compatibility between calcium carbonate filler and polymers, cohesive force,increased mechanical strength and lower cost of production. The modified calcium carbonate powder has the following features: the powder wrapped by the polymer cannot agglomerate, and the particle has better dispersibility. Oil absorption volume decrease; and bulk density increase; and water content also decrease; and the whiteness almost no change. The polyethylene materials filled with modified calcium carbonate also increase. For more information about the calcium carbonate grinding mill, please email