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Grinding Mill for Coarse Calcium Carbonate Powder


     Grinding Mill for Coarse Calcium Carbonate Powder

Calcium carbonate grinding mill can grind limestone/calcium carbonate into different size or particle. The coarse powder grinding mill can make 1000-2000μm or 2360-5600μm and also 100 mesh or 200 mesh powder. This system don’t need classifier, if you want to separate more coarse powder, you should use the vibrating screen.

The powder from coarse powder grinding mill can be used in the following industry:

The calcium carbonate/limestone can be used in different industry with different ground sizes. This article focuses on the coarse calcium carbonate uses:

In Animal&Pet food industry: For poultry, the coarse calcium carbonate powder can help them digest in the gizzard and neutralize the acid in the stomach. 1000-2000μm or 2360-5600μm is suitable for poultry to use to digest and make the egg shell stronger and thicker.

In the agricultural industry: calcium carbonate has been a kind of useful additive to soil for agriculture, which can neutralize the acidity in the soil, and also increase the crop yields, and lower the amount of fertilizer use. For the mushroom growing, the calcium carbonate/limestone is put into the outside of spawn-run package.

In the asphalt filler industry: asphalt consists of bitumen, sand and aggregate fillers, which is used for construction and repair of roads, highway, pavement etc..

In concrete industry: concrete includes cement, aggregate (made from crushed rocks such as limestone, or granite and a certain amount of sand, water and chemical-added mixture). This kind of limestone/calcium carbonate powder is usually 100-200 mesh, which belongs to coarse powder.

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Coarse Powder Grinding Mill

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