How to choose ultrafine calcium carbonate mill

How to choose ultrafine calcium carbonate mill

Now more and more ultrafine calcium carbonate mills are needed for producing ultrafine powder used in various industries. But only two or three companies in China manufacture highest quality ultrafine calcium carbonate mill. Other companies cannot manufacture good mills, and they only boast they have. But factually speaking, it is not.

Highest quality ultrafine calcium carbonate mills should have the following features: smooth performance for continuous production, almost no breakdown, higher output, low power consumption, environment-friendly.

When we choose the ultrafine calcium carbonate mill, we should also focus on the following points:

  1. Classifying system precision and efficiency: the turbine classifier wheel is very import, which will influence the efficiency and powder fineness precision and passing rate.
  2. Power saving: there is a standard that the ultrafine calcium carbonate mill should meet. The less the power used for producing one ton powder, the better the mill.
  3. Lower Investment: this not only means the price of the ultrafine calcium carbonate mill, but also some aspect related to the whole project, for example: how many workers will be needed to operate the ultrafine calcium carbonate mill; the size of the foundation, which also influence the investment;
  4. Automation Degree: If the ultrafine calcium carbonate mill can be operated automatically, the less staff will be needed and the continuous production can be guaranteed.
  5. Powder shape: some mill can also grind the calcium carbonate into powder, but the powder shape maybe not good. Spherical shape is what we most expect, which has good fluidity and adhesion
ultrafine calcium carbonate mill

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