How to produce calcium carbonate powder with calcium carbonate grinding mill

How to produce calcium carbonate powder with calcium carbonate grinding mill

Calcium carbonate grinding mill can produce 80-3000 mesh powder with precise fineness and high quality powder shape; Generally speaking, there are two kinds of powder fineness range that we should consider. Because this two range can influence which kind of mill you should use. One is 80-400 mesh powder roller mill; the other is 400-3000 mesh powder mill including ultrafine powder mill and ultrafine vertical mill.

    Generally speaking, these three kinds of calcium carbonate powder mills working principle are almost same. They all have crushing, feeding, grinding, classifying and blowing system that are used to grind the stone into powder.

   The whole grinding process can be divided into the following steps:

  1. The calcium carbonate stone is crushed into small one with a size of 0-20mm, which can be conveyed into the calcium carbonate mill.
  2. The small calcium carbonate stone can be ground in the calcium carbonate mill (between ring and roller) into powder.
  3. The required powder goes into the collector through the classifier. The unqualified powder will fall down into the mill and be reground into required powder.
  4. The blowing system also helps to blow or suck the powder into the collector.

As calcium carbonate powder can be made with different kind of calcium carbonate mill, It is much more important for us to choose the suitable mill.

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