Limestone Grinding Mill in Thailand

The limestone grinding mill from Henkry Powder Machinery Co., Ltd has many features which can enable your powder business improve a lot, for example: higher grinding efficiency, lower power consumption, longer working life, lower staff cost. A Thailand company had sourced several sets of limestone grinding mill from our company with reasonable price after serious consideration and detailed comparision.

   The limestone grinding mill we provide has the following advantages:

  1. More stable grinding mill housing and base and reasonable structure design.
  2. Smooth operation: lower noise and lower vibration with the help of casted mill body.
  3. Higher output: bigger grinding mill roller and ring size to increase capacity by 40% and the power consumption can be lowered by 30%
  4. Convenient limestone grinding mill maintenance: all the parts are designed for easy maintenance without wasting much time.
  5. Higher automatic control system: one system to monitor all the working state of the whole grinding system.

The Thailand limestone powder factory production:

Quarrying from limestone mine: 0-1000mm

Limestone Crushing System: 0-1000mm to 0-300mm to 0-30mm;

Production capacity: 50T/H

Powder size: 325 mesh;

The whole limestone powder grinding mill system includes the following components: conveying system, grinding mill body, classifying system, collecting system, packing system, electric control system. With the help of pulse-jet collection system, the limestone grinding mill ensures that there is no air pollution in the process of production.

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